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How to distinguish between the IF and RF plasma equipment, plasma equipment?

IF plasma frequency power supply device is used, 400Hz frequency power supply to 16 micro-controller core to power electronic devices for the power output unit, using a digital divide, lock, waveform instantaneous feedback, SPWM pulse width modulation, IGBT output and other new technologies and modular structure, with load adaptability, high efficiency, good stability, the output waveform quality, simple operation, small size, light weight, intelligent control, abnormal protection function, the output frequency is adjustable, the output response fast, strong overload capacity, fully isolated output, long life and resistance to damage and so on. In the intermediate frequency plasma is used in such equipment at power controller.

RF plasma device is using a radio frequency power supply, which means we plasma equipment IF and RF plasma equipment is to see that they use to distinguish the matching power supply. RF Radio Frequency, referred to RF. RF is the RF current, it is a short wave high frequency AC changes. Change of less than 1000 times per second is called the low frequency alternating current is greater than 10000 times called high-frequency current, and frequency is such a high-frequency current. To distinguish between the two devices so that it becomes a very easy.
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