Plasma cleaner imports and domestic plasma cleaner to the application and the difference

Plasma cleaning machine is divided into both domestic and imported, mainly for the requirements of customers to choose the configuration. Below Shenzhen high-tech plasma Eastcom equipment specialist to introduce you to the domestic and imported equipment, plasma, plasma equipment applications.

Let’s say that domestic series plasma cleaner (also known as plasma device) which is a non-destructive surface treatment equipment, it is the use of energy conversion technology, in a certain state of vacuum to power the gas into the active pole high gas plasma, gas plasma can be gently washed solid sample surface, causing changes in the molecular structure, so as to achieve the sample surface organic pollutants super clean, organic pollutants in a very short period of time was an external vacuum pump completely pulled out its cleaning ability can be achieved at the molecular level. Under certain conditions, can also change the surface characteristics of the sample. As a result of the cleaning process using a gas medium, thereby effectively prevent re-contamination of samples. Shenzhen Eastcom developed the production of plasma cleaner samples both enhance adhesion, compatibility and wettability of the samples can be disinfected and sterilized. Plasma cleaning is now widely used in optics, optoelectronics, electronics, materials science, polymer, biomedical, micro-fluidics and other fields.

Domestic Series Plasma cleaning machine is in a foreign country, plasma cleaning expensive, difficult to promote other shortcomings, based on the lessons of the existing domestic and plasma cleaning the advantages, combined with the user’s needs, the use of advanced scientific and technological means to develop a new series Plasma cleaner. Generally made plasma cleaner configured its performance has been able to achieve some of the processing requirements of the workpiece. If it is very demanding, for example, the cost of products workpiece itself is very expensive, or that the quality of products on the workpiece itself is very demanding and can be made of imported plasma device configuration. The product is in addition to other plasma cleaner has advantages, more stable performance, cost-effective, clean, high efficiency, easy operation, low cost, easy maintenance advantages. Products can adapt to different users on the device’s special requirements. Cabin cleaning materials are heat-resistant glass and stainless steel option, Stainless steel cleaning tank with round and square selectable. Instrument performance, machine specifications and cleaning tank size according to the user’s actual needs and special.